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Welcome to the Town Of Duncan


Welcome to the Town Of Duncan Arizona! Our site now offers information on all of our services, Town Council Agendas and Minutes, Employment Opportunities, Community Events and much more. We will also be adding a photo gallery to our site on the Town Events page where we would like to share your photos of our town and events that we have here. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see added. Thank you for visiting with us!

Duncan Head Start Basket Party!!






The Town of Duncan has partnered with Utility Service Partners Inc. to offer our residents a program that will help cover costly broken water and sewer lines. See the attached flyer for more information regarding this program


The Town of Duncan Featured on Sunset Magazine


Sunset Magazine recently visited the Town of Duncan and wrote quite an impressive article about our town. We have obtained a copy of that article (click on article below) and invite all of you to read all of the good things they had to say about us. We are very proud of our town and it shows how much we have to offer here to those that live here and those that come and visit us. To see the full article on the Sunset Magazine website click the address link below:

Upcoming Town Events


We will be posting all of our upcoming Town Council meetings and minutes, budgets, water quality reports and more.

Town Manager John Basteen Jr.

Coming soon a word from our Town Manager.